SERC yesterday revealed

  • 30/09/2017

Separately from the transmission and distribution has entered the measures in the research stage, the conditions are ripe Pilot. “Wang Qiang, Minister of State Electricity Regulatory Commission policies and regulations, held yesterday, the long-term development of China’s power industry reform seminar revealed. Transmission and distribution separation reform is now finally ready to fly, the electricity reform blocking all work will follow the implementation and dredge.


He stressed that, under lose with a system, the establishment of a regional electricity market, the introduction of the reform program of electricity transmission and distribution, and deepen the reform of rural electricity by constraints. Transmission and distribution are not separate institutional, Internet pricing, the sales tariff reform will be impossible.


In addition, transmission and distribution separation have a crucial impact on the whole “Eleventh Five-Year” grid development financing. He is estimated that at least 800-1200 billion U.S. dollars of funds to be able to meet the needs of China’s “Eleventh Five-Year” period of investment in power grid construction. Today this input with a system is not able to meet the financing needs of the electricity reform. Only through separate transmission and distribution grid diversification of investors in order to solve such a huge investment.


SERC electricity reform in 2006 and the “Eleventh Five-Year” period next tasks and measures are being developed arrangements. Wang Qiang revealed eight core content and focus on the task in the next step of reform, in addition to the transmission and distribution of separate research and implementation of a pilot, including processing Changwangfenkai legacy issues, accelerate the construction of the regional electricity market, deepen the reform of rural electricity, power the amendments to the Act and supporting regulations, the power of corporate restructuring, the reform of the electricity transmission and distribution, government regulatory system and improve the electricity industry planning system.


Wang Qiang said that the current power system reform, although contradictory, but the external environment is conducive to the implementation of the reform, national implementation of the reform of monopoly industries and the convergence of the electricity reform better. However, the “Tenth Five-Year implementation of industry restructuring contradictions exposed more fully in the” Eleventh Five-Year “period, more intense social interest demands, this environment also makes distribution separation reform of power industry is ready to fly.